Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its been a long road...


Getting from there to here.
Its been a long time,
But my time is finally near.

I can feel the change in the wind right now,
Nothings in my way.
And they're not going to hold me down no more,
No they're not going to hold me down

Cause, I've got faith of the heart!

Sorry...kinda spaced out there for a minute...spaced...

I would highly recommend the above song by Russell Watson.
By far the best introduction to any Star Trek series there is.

But back to Crafty things, or the lack off!
Its been months since I last did anything majorly crafty.  A few cards here and there for this and that have been about all I've been doing.

I do have a good excuse though!
I got a full time job!

My first (full time) and I'm still, months down the line, trying to work out how to do my job, have a life, do things that need doing and sleep.  And considering how much I like the latter, its been difficult!

Finally had a major clear out of all my craft stuff (again!) finally feel abit better about getting things moving again.  Especially since I can see the floor now!

My clear out has left me with some unwanted crafty bits that need a new home and you can find them Here.

Hoping to sit and watch the Superbowl tonight and get some crafting done, so keep your eyes peeled for some updates.